The Drawbacks Of Small Penises

2Although having a small penis is no fault of the person owning it, it can still be a source of unhappiness. From an early age boys will often be in situations where they get to see each other’s endowments. In locker rooms and communal showers there is very little you can hide from your peers. Even if you do manage to get away with no one seeing your penis during your youth, you have no choice but to expose yourself when you eventually decide to engage in sexual activity. While many women do find small penises less threatening, at certain lengths they will almost certainly feel less satisfied. In both the vagina and the rectum there are certain depths that must be reached in order for the recipient to truly enjoy the penetration. Most average sized penises of about 7 inches when erect will reach these depths, but when you fall far shorter, it is a problem that will be mutually unsatisfactory.

So besides the problem of confidence amongst your peers, you also have to deal with being unable to satisfy your partner. Other activities like oral sex may help to compensate for this shortfall, but for most men being able to satisfy their partner through use of the penis is most desirable. Being able to achieve a longer penis in both a flaccid and erect state is an achievable goal through the use of extender devices. Manufacturers like SizeGenetics have brought into the market devices that are not only effective but also discreet. From the delivery to the use, you can keep your activities hidden and within a matter of weeks begin to see improvement. Backed by medical experts, this option is the safest when compared against use of penis enlargement pills and surgery. The results are guaranteed to remain, even after the man stops using the device.

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Reasons To Invest In SizeGenetics

1It is a popular topic of discussion in both men’s and women’s glossy magazines. Issues of penis size have abounded for years with general consensus being that it is less about measurements and more about how you use what you have got. Those who however fall out of the midrange on the smaller size do tend to suffer much more serious confidence issues. Having a penis that is on the smaller side can be distressing given the many situations where people are likely to take notice. From the locker room to the bedroom, there are many areas where having a larger penis would be ideal.

For those who have been naturally endowed with smaller sizes, the use of natural aids like the sizeGenetics extender is a good way to boost length. The device is simple and comfortable to use. Within a few months one can achieve good improvement that will boost confidence and satisfaction. Pursuing penile enlargement surgery may be effective in getting faster results, but this area of cosmetic surgery is still very risky and expensive. Using the Ultimate Comfort System allows a man to enjoy a cost effective and discreet means of achieving results.

The device’s effectiveness can be attested to through the many before and after pictures sent in by consumers who have achieved great results. Going through the testimonials allows you to get a sense of what to expect when you use the device as prescribed. The device is also accompanied by DVD content to help users not only learn how to use the device, but also strengthen their penis for better erections. The device not only helps to lengthen your penis, but also correct any curvature problems you may be having. Once you begin to see results, you will be able to enjoy longer lovemaking sessions and feel more confident as a result of the greater admiration of your penis from your partner.