Size Genetics Review

1In the world of traction devices that focus on making the penis larger. Size Genetics has been well known for being the ‘Roll Royce’ of these kinds of devices. Penis extenders are very effective at making the penis larger due to the fact that it utilizes the concept of traction. The idea behind utilizing traction as a means of achieving a larger penis is similar to training your muscle to gain a bigger mass. While the penis is more of an organ than it is a muscle, the same principle can be applied to it, as it has been clinically proven that penis extenders can actually increase the width and girth by continuously, breaking down and building up of the muscle cells within your muscles within your penis, which is precisely what the Size Genetics extender does.

When it comes to the disadvantages and advantages of utilizing an extender, simply doing a quick search on Google will reveal that there aren’t any complaints about the effectiveness of them, but rather the quality. Having been in the business since 1995, size genetics has been continuously tweaking and improving their extenders to ensure that it provides the maximum level of comfort attainable in comparison to other cheaper, low quality extenders.

They have three standard kits available, which you can purchase depending on how fast you want to see results.

Starter Edition

The starter edition consists of the extender and an instructional DVD about how to use the extender.

Basic Edition

The Basic Package contains the device, instructional DVD, a comfort system that you can use to ensure that the device sits comfortable on your penis along with a premium leather case that you can use to store the device.

Ultimate Edition

The ultimate edition was constructed to assist those that want the fastest results attainable when utilizing a penis extender. Along with everything that’s included in the basic package it consists of a traction powder to reduce chafing, a 3 way head piece to ensure a higher level of comfort and efficiency, spare parts that you may need if you accidentally damage the device, cleaning wipes, a free month’s supply of supplements that promote increased blood circulation within the penis with will work in cohesion with the device to increase the efficiency of it and an online access pass to ‘Penis Health Online’, a website that provides invaluable information on penis enlargement.

For information, see sizegenetics review.


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