How SizeGenetics Works

SuniThere are numerous penis enlargement solutions in the market and a very small shortlist that can get their users real positive results. Because of the natural desire many men have to increase the length and girth of their penises, it is not surprising that the market is saturated by a sizable number of scammers that offer products that either do not work or are never delivered. One of the most popular and effective choice of solutions for this problem is SizeGenetics. The penis extender device has become a phenomenon in the industry not only because it is recommended by medical practitioners, but also provides proof of its effectiveness through client results.

In much the same way as body builders can work on the biceps and triceps to build bulk, so too can you do the same with your penis. All that is required is regular training. The SizeGenetics extender works along the same principals and stretches out the organ such that as the muscles are pulled at, micro tears occur. When they heal, they fill in gaps that add to the length and bulk of the muscle allowing it to become larger. The same action also encourages greater flow of blood to the organ that in turn allows for stronger and longer lasting erections.

This improvement occurs slowly and is highly dependent on your persistence in the use of the device. The device is also designed to allow for comfortable use. Many clients that have achieved a positive results report some discomfort in the beginning, but with a little time, soon become accustomed to wearing it for several hours a day without a problem. This is in part due to the special comfort system that allows for men with a variety of penis sizes and curvature to comfortably adjust the use of the device for their needs.

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